Our Mission:


The mission of Pointe Blank Solutions is to provide tremendous value and high quality solutions to our clients through the delivery of innovative, cost effective, value-added software and services. Our primary goal is to achieve success through the success of our clients.


Our Companies

The Pointe Blank Solutions family of companies provides innovative and strategic solutions across a variety of industries from the legal and justice community to healthcare and education.

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The power behind the Matrix platform is the ability to integrate law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, courts and defense attorneys into one comprehensive system.

Matrix software provides streamlined solutions that connect the entire justice community with the information it needs to automate smart workflow and quick legal processes all while reducing office errors and waste.

The Matrix Suite of applications and web solutions have automated processes for the electronic submission of cases by police, processing of cases by prosecutors, distribution of discovery to defense attorneys and filing of those cases with courts. These solutions combined with professional legal and engineering services provide a significant return on investment.

Matrix products are designed specifically with the goals of the justice system and its staff in mind. The Matrix team works diligently to understand the needs and workflows of these offices. As such, the system creates seamless information sharing in real time to allow real-time access.

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The CasePointe application is a comprehensive software solution designed to help your subacuteMCOworker's comp MCO, or home care company run more efficiently and profitably. CasePointe consists of three core components: network management, case management, and claims management and offers a number of integrated features to streamline your business:

  • Improves efficiency by providing a comprehensive patient network and payor database

  • Assists in clinical monitoring and follow-up

  • Improves billing efficiency with billing integration

  • Reduces or eliminates paper files with electronic document management

  • Streamlines the credentialing and reporting process by enabling an electronic credentials file


KOOLU - Software to support the school community

KooluApp is a web-based high school application software that makes the high school application process easier for students, parents, high schools, and elementary schools.

KooluCal is a calendar application designed specifically for high schools and high school students.  With KooluCal, students and administrators can keep track of multiple calendars and schedule all events and appointments through one organized, connected platform.